Fancy Colored Diamonds at 30% Plus Below Retail






As in any business endeavor, a reseller or broker of product must be assured that he or she has aligned with expert, honest, and well-respected suppliers in the industry in question.  Wexford Capital Management realizes that its own reputation and business success is at stake in its selection of gemologists and diamond brokers for the WCM Fancy Colored Diamond program.  It has taken 18 months to make final selections of 2 to 3 GIA trained gemologists who will offer the diamond broker carefully selected and graded Fancy Colored Diamond.  Hiring expertise to provide services is a time-tested method of achieving a well-diversified menu of investment products to in turn offer clients.  Each diamond industry insider that provides Intense and Vivid Colored Diamonds to WCM for brokering at very favorable end prices has direct contacts with diamond cutting centers in South Africa, Israel, and Antwerp.  By researching known and well-respected experts not merely in the brilliant, white diamond trade, but the specialized niche of much rarer Fancy Colored Diamonds, WCM has eliminated many hours of due diligence that normally would have to be performed by the justly critical buyer of such an alternative investment class.  By finding these expert gemologists of recognized stature as close to the rough diamond mines themselves, WCM has been able to develop a pricing structure to clients that cannot be duplicated profitably by retail jewelers and most competitors on the internet.  We have cut several middlemen out of the process in this approach, and will be passing the majority of those savings on to you, our valued clients.  The best compliments we can receive from any client is a repeat transaction, a referral, or merely a thank you for a great product AND great customer service.

Some of the criteria that WCM will monitor in maintaining a business relationship with any current or future Fancy Colored Diamond supplier include:

1.  Presentation of pre-screened, high-quality Natural Colored Diamonds at reasonable intermediate prices based upon rigorous grading criteria as set forth by WCM.

2.  Guarantees that all material provided to WCM for brokering to clients is totally natural in composition, devoid of any form of irradiation or color enhancement technique as defined by the leading diamond grading laboratories.

3.  Attention to customer service with respect to timely payment notification, shipment, return privileges, and availability for client inquiries.

4.  Assistance and guidance in the resale of any Fancy Colored Diamond sold through Wexford Capital Management, to include consignment sales.

5.  A consistent level of integrity and forthrightness in all business dealings, to include all representations of quality, current wholesale value, and current retail value.

6.  Provision of colored diamond industry developments in a manner that is beneficial to WCM's current and prospective client base.

WCM always enters business relations with the goal of longevity and that has been the history of the company since 1989 as regards suppliers of financial services, U.S. rare coins, bullion products, and now, fancy colored diamonds.  Naturally, WCM considers the identities of its Fancy Colored Diamond suppliers to be proprietary, but as a Registered Investment Advisor in good standing from October, 1985 through May, 2005, we can assure all current and prospective clients that any and all claims regarding its colored diamonds sources are totally accurate and unexaggerated.