Fancy Colored Diamonds at 30% Plus Below Retail






Terms of Sale for WCM Fancy Colored Diamonds

1.  The WCM Natural Color Guarantee.

All Fancy Colored Diamonds offered by Wexford Capital Management are guaranteed to be Natural Colored, free of any effects of irradiation, doctoring, or color enhancement techniques.

2.  Clients must confirm an order for a Fancy Colored Diamond by telephone.  Emails are not sufficient to confirm a commitment to purchase these limited availability products.

3.  Minimum order size, per invoice, is currently $5,000.  

4.  Due to the nature of the international diamond market with investor demand exceptional, good funds must be received by WCM within 3 business days of invoice date.  

5.  Payments by Bank Wire Transfer are required for all orders
Payments by Bank Wire are the most expeditious and secure means of payment, shortening "time-to-shipment" by 7 to 10 days.  We do not handle credit card payments due to costs and security reasons.

6.  All WCM Fancy Colored Diamonds are shipped to clients free of charge by USPS Registered Mail or via diamond couriers depending on transaction value.

7.  Clients have a 10-Day Return Privilege, commencing on the next day after physical receipt of their order; this policy means that the return shipment from client must have a postmark or registered receipt dated within this 10-day period.  The returned diamond must be re-shipped at the client's expense, fully-insured using either USPS Registered Mail or a WCM approved shipper.  Upon presentation to WCM of a legible copy of the receipt for return shipping costs to the diamond supplier as instructed by WCM , the diamond broker will reimburse the client by check.  A full refund for a returned diamond will be issued to the client, by check or by bank wire, depending upon the original form of payment from the client, provided the following industry practice conditions are met:

a.  The diamond received by the designated WCM diamond broker must match the original gemologist's description and the grading certificate accompanying the relevant transaction.  Any returned diamond(s) that does not match these documents will be either returned or delivery refused.
b.  The diamond must have been returned in its original condition.
c.  The diamond must not have been worn, mounted, or altered in any manner.
d.  The 10-day re-shipping time limitation must have been adhered to; delays in actual shipping time to receipt by WCM's diamond brokers are considered out of the client's control.

8.  Virginia residents must be invoiced for the 5.3% Virginia Sales Tax.

WCM will accept previously purchased WCM Fancy Colored Diamonds on a consignment basis to pursue a resale based upon the client's stated residual price.  A flat fee of 5% will be charged for this best efforts/ consignment sales service.  Clients are herein acknowledging that Fancy Colored Diamonds are considered a long-term investment of a minimum from 5 to 10 years, and that offering prices from members of the diamond trade are usually at wholesale prices, not jeweler's retail or appraised value. 

10.  All asset markets can be volatile in nature, and fancy colored diamonds can experience adverse market conditions from time to time that would make resale difficult and/or time-consuming.  Wexford Capital Management can not guarantee that the past performance of the Fancy Colored Diamond market will continue into the future, and that a fancy colored diamond purchased from WCM will provide a net gain on resale.  It is assumed between client and WCM that many of the purchased diamonds will be acquired for aesthetic, jewelry, estate, or collectible purposes, and not merely for investment purposes.



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