Silver ROUND, One Ounce

Fraser Buffalo Silver Round, One Ounce, .999+ Pure Silver, Obverse

Fraser Nickel Design

Fraser Nickel Buffalo Silver Round, One Ounce, .999+ Purity, Reverse1

Buffalo Nickel Reverse


 .999 Silver

Fine Silver Content:
31.103 Grams or
1.0 Troy Ounce

Highland Mint
Great American Mint

Assayed Input
Brandname Refiner

Design Origin:

Patterned after the famous Fraser U.S. nickel which was minted from 1913 to 1938.

Note the mirror-like fields around the design images, denoting very high quality.

The Silvertowne Buffalo Silver Round is undoubtedly one of the most popular one ounce silver rounds sold today.  This private mint's reputation for quality is stellar, and this Fraser Buffalo Nickel design is a top seller.  There is no compromise in quality or salability in purchasing such a well-known mint's silver round instead of a much higher-priced one ounce silver coin from a sovereign mint.

Fraser Nickel BUFFALO Silver Round, One Ounce, .999+ Purity, Reverse2

Alternative Reverse