PERTH MINT Gold Bullion Bar, 10 Ounce


Perth Mint TEN Ounce Gold Bar, Front, in CertiCard with Assay

Front of CertiCard


 .9999 or 24-Karat Gold

Fine Gold Content:
311.033 grams or
10.0 Troy Ounce

PERTH MINT, Australia

Registered / Assayed
( Assay Certification on Reverse
of "CertiCard" )

2.38" x 3.55" x 0.58"

Much hoopla has been written on the internet of late about 10 oz. gold bars being found to be drilled and filled with lead. This has been found on a very, very small percentage of loose ten ounce gold bullion bars; certainly the packaging on these Perth Mint 10 oz. Gold Bars is an inherent deterrent to such fraudulent activity AND WCM'S DISTRIBUTORS BUY PERTH MINT GOLD BARS DIRECTLY FROM THE PRIMARY DISTRIBUTOR FOR THE PERTH MINT IN THE U.S.  We guarantee their purity and authenticity, and we also know that our sourcing methods leave no opportunity for this fraud to occur in the first place.
D.W. Young, President, WCM

Perth Mint TEN Ounce Gold Bar, Reverse of CertiCard

Reverse of CertiCard

Perth Mint Gold Bar, One Ounce, 24 karat, Reverse
Reverse of Bar
Through Clear