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Pamp Suisse Palladium Bullion Bar,
 Ten Ounce

Pamp Suisse Palladium Bar, Ten Ounce, .9995 Pure, Obverse / Front


 .9995 Pure

Fine Palladium Content:
311.033 grams or
10.0 Troy Ounces

Pamp-Suisse, Switzerland

Registered with
 Assay Card

  Sealed Plastic Case
( see Assay Card below in
Plastic Case Packaging ) 

The "go-to" refiner when it comes to  Palladium Ten Ounce bullion bars, Pamp-Suisse has a very attractive "Nymph-design" Palladium TEN Ounce Bar of IRA Qualified purity of .9995. These 10 ounce Palladium bars are totally protected in a sealed plastic case and are normally available with only about a week's wait for shipment. Having the Assay Certificate in its own plastic sleeve is also a big plus since they have a way of getting lost.  When a large, high-quality Palladium bar is requested by a client, the Ten Ounce Pamp-Suisse Palladium bar is my recommendation to them.


Pamp Palladium Ten Ounce Bar Assay Card in Plastic Surround Packaging

Pamp Suisse Palladium Bar, Ten Ounce, .9995 Pure, Reverse  / Back