PAMP Suisse PLATINUM Bar, 1 Ounce

Pamp Suisse PLATINUM Bar, One Ounce, .9995 Pure, Obverse / Front


Fine Palladium Content:
31.1033 grams or
1.0 Troy Ounce

PAMP Suisse,

Registered / Assayed

Plastic Sealed Card,

Historically, platinum has traded at a $100 premium to gold, so many investors are becoming aware of the profit potential of PLATINUM as the metal has gone into premium over gold.  Pamp-Suisse, the leading precious metals refinery in Switzerland, produces a One-Ounce Platinum Bar encapsulated within a proprietary IngotCard surround that not only protects the Platinum bar from scuffing, but provides addition information such as an Assay Certificate with certificate number, fineness, weight, and Assayer signature.  Very impressive, and the Assay Certificate does not get separated from the IngotCard as often happened in the past.  A very high-quality product of .9995 Fineness or Purity, which happens to qualify for inclusion in U.S. Precious Metals I.R.A.'s.  Diversify your precious metals portfolio with a very convenient and saleable form of Platinum.

Pamp Suisse PLATINUM Bar, One Ounce, .9995 Pure, Reverse / Back