American Eagle Gold Coin,
One Ounce ($50)



 .916 or 22 karats

Fine Gold Content:
31.1033 grams or
1 Troy Ounce

Total Weight:
33.933 grams or
1.091 Troy Ounce

32.7 mm

First Year Minted:

The highest sales volume gold bullion coin sold in the United States is the U.S. Mint's American Eagle Gold Bullion Coin, One Ounce. Made of 22 karat gold with 10% copper for hardness and durability, this ever popular gold coin enjoys the preferred choice position of most gold bullion coin buyers. Previously, the South African Krugerrand enjoyed this top spot due to low premiums over spot, but as the "Kruger" became more difficult to obtain and with higher premiums, the American Eagle Gold Coin took the lead and has held onto it ever since. Designed after the 1908 Saint Gaudens "Liberty" on the obverse with a unique non-heraldic, landing Eagle on the reverse, the Gold Eagle bullion coin has gained popularity overseas as well.

Do not purchase graded, encapsulated Gold Eagles at 30% plus premiums over melt! These gold coins were never meant for circulation, never circulated as currency, and there are literally millions of these gold bullion coins in existence at Sheldon Scale grades of MS66 to MS69. What is rare about that that justifies high premiums???